Saturday, March 10, 2007

Returning to the myst

For a longtime now, I have been writting on my marathi blog page. For two reasons: 1. marathi being my language, I enjoy writting there more than anywhere else.... 2. it gives me a homely feeling, where my good friends keep reading and chatting in a space closer to my heart :)

so, then what the hell am I doing here? ..... a nice question!.... alas, if I had a equally better answer for that :( .... the reason is simple.... the devanagari scripting software, I use 'Baraha', I am facing trouble with :(....

soon...very soon... very very soon.... I will return to it :)

Friday, September 29, 2006

And you live it up again ...

After a series of bad news and rusty feelings, I stumbled accross this, once again ...

It is 0420 hrs and a very bad time to do this... but I feeling again rejuvenated to practice on my piano... and, I am going to do that :) ...

it is true... in-humanly gifts like books and music are the real friends ... they always be with you...

Monday, September 25, 2006

a little dispersion

for a long time, I wanted to write something in marathi, the language closest to my heart....

any way, here is what I have tried creating a small space for me... have a look at, iff you know marathi... for non-marathi junta... bye bye for while :)... a beintot!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hrishida, I miss you

Anand mara nahi.... Anand marte nahi

There are very few people, I have seen in my life, who did know what they are upto. If life is not what you want, but what you can grab, then they were those who gathered the best of it... or were they who made it the best with whatever they could grab?

Hrishikesh Mukharjee, can be just yet another Indian name for most of the film-makers around the world. But, I will always rank him the same as Akira Kurosawa or Satyajit Ray. If tomorrow I could create something good in this field, it will be due to that mute guidance by these people, which constantly taught me novel ways of story telling....

Afterall, Anand mara nahi..... Anand marte nahi....

I will miss you hrishida...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Economy, on Thinking

The best way to look at one's ownself is through his or her eyes... I mean through a third person's mind. That must be the reason, why Indian perspective had many corners to lit my soul up, while in Japan....

I am not a literate of economy; neither have I understood commerce that well. But, being a part of the society with large economical dimensions, I can feel it in me.... quite strongly! Hence, even though not everything that I express here can be stated correct, it certainly reflects my personal understanding of the facts and a deep faith in the future.

India is a developing country according to the books..... but I feel it is more than that.... it is not only a developing but also an evolving country at the same time... why?

USA Economy:

Despite being world's largest economy, I have absolutely no feeling for it. Though I accept, the "survival of the fittest" and the "everything is fair in love and war", as two basic rules of progressive life, I can by no means understand "war" as a means of progress. It is more like hindi filmy heroes... they may not be that great, but all others around them must be sub-nominal in existence. USA economy boomed as an effect of Second World War, which was a mere chance. But, even today US economy is growing on war and suppression principle. US economy is the economy of wars. It will certainly take a while to stagnate this economy, since even today US natural resources are under-used. But, will never be a stable one.

European Economy:

This is the economy of colonial exploitation. Though most of these countries suffered in World War II, they could stand-up again partially because of colonial back-up. Unfortunately, European countries have very limited natural resources.

Eastern Economy:

This is economy of oil. The special importance of oil in world's economy hiked them to a developed economy status, without giving any time to understand the value over price. The day oil wells dry or world finds an alternative for the oil, they will be back to the same state as their blank past.... unfortunately, they couldn't utilize their financial security to reform themselves. May god help them.

Japanese Economy:

I have a deep respect for them. In spite of the fact that there is zero natural resources on this isolated island, it is the second largest economy in the world. It was the need for survival, which drove them to today's prosperous existence. It is mainly the economy of need. Unfortunately, this economy has seen stagnation quite earlier than expected. Resource-less-ness, their isolated self-sufficient culture and perhaps less control over global decision making (as an outcome of world war II Japan was not allowed to maintain any kind of military services).

Indian Economy:

India economy had no constraints like need for existence. Neither had it had colonial back-up. Indeed being a colony itself, it underwent a sudden economical suppression in the pre-war II era. Indian economy was always the economy of tolerance. It surely will take a lot of time to grow up into a developed country, because of the over-population and poverty stresses. But, the growth being steady, it will always give us enough time to understand it... use it and plan it (unfortunately, we still suffer mainly in the implementation part of the plan).

I think there are two factors for a good growth in the economy. A proper understanding and planning of the secondary sector, which mainly includes services, is necessary for the growth. On the other hand, opulent natural resources are needed to add the stability at every stage of the growth. India always had the later.... but now, it is realizing the importance of the former, mainly because of unreliability of the later.

Despite, passing through a very adverse conditions, Indian economy is now growing with the rate of 8% per year, which is remarkable and I feel great proud to be a part of it. May be towards the end of 2020, we will see a completely different India…. A completely different world

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Missing link!

Today, when my friend started showing the photos of his visit to the Konark Temple, I couldn't resist my excitment ..... "This temple was the highest in all the temples in Orissa. The main structure always has a DeuL which is generally a very heighted building....only priests can enter.....It was destroyed by british for acquiring the magnetic stone, which had an idol floating in between.....the rays of sun would reflect from the diamond at the center of this idol...that's why the name koN-ark...meaning angle of the sun (ray)...." ... and He continued.....

....."The konark temple symbolically carries the time....since it is the Ratha(chariot) of surya (the sun) with 24 wheels representing months and seven horses..the days"...nothing could have stopped him....but by this time, I started getting a strange feeling....there was something wrong...something terribly wrong....what was it?....recall....harder...something was missing .... somewhere...and hell with my memory...I was unable to recall.

And, then... suddenly....yes! that's the of them must be wrong....the comments are quite contradictory...or I am making mistake......

In last night sky observation from my institute, it was told to me...that the sunday:Ravivaar...Mo(o)nday:somavaar...etc,etc...can't be a mere coincidence...we had 15 days unit from Pandhravada (or Paksh) from Poornima to Amavasya and back...the 7 days a week concept is an adopted one...from the greeks....sounds quite logical.....but when did we adopt it?

Even before the king Ashoka, around when most of these temples were built? Otherwise, why the chariot of sun will have 7 horses?.......and I do remember, a similar mentioning in some of the veda's......which are even older......

Have to research on it.......a link is missing! .....all in all, a good reason to visit Konark Temple....

Friday, July 28, 2006

The eleventh best

Yesterday, while on tea table, a faculty friend of mine described, "what research field meant to him, when he was a Ph.D. student". I wish to share that experience with you all.

During Ph.D. time, most of the student take hardly any time to realise, that what they are doing is not what they deserved to do ...... of course, they deserve more ..... neither they feel any excitement about their work ...... what I am doing is pretty mechanical and hardly any research! ... so they say .... and, believe me (read, the faculty friend) .... it is ture!

But, then after a few years you come of the factory as a researcher, a post doc.. and most of time, the same field becomes your passion ..... your life ..... your ultimate love ...... I love this... I always wanted to do this ..... so you say .... and again believe me ..... it is true..... again!

Nothing great about it ..... same thing happens every-where ...... while in the market, everyone wishes to marry the top 10 females in the world ...... ash, I love her ...... Julia, yessss..... angelina, hummmm .... J Lo, ooops..... sharapova, no words ..... and so on

And again almost always happens, that you get to marry only the 11th best in your life ...... for first six months, you start realising...... this is no good .... I deserved better .... look at that Panse ..... he is really lucky ..... (by the way, the same Panse must be looking forward to Mr. Sane the next door....possible) ..... ohh, mrs. singh....aah, just perfect....

And, just about six months after the marriage, (when you realise, this is the best you can afford) you accept it as your life .... our love increased day by day .... she is the best ..... I always wanted a girl like her ...

.... true or not, but research is just like marriage.... you always fall where you never wanted to be.... but you always end up loving it up .... living it up